Practice Continuity Planning Services

Continuity Plan

Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for setting up shop and continuing operations when disaster strikes, all presented in both electronic and hard copy format.

Plan includes:

  • Immediate, short term, and mid-term plans to get your business operating and keep it running
  • Identification of key assets that need protection
  • Review of data backup requirements and other equipment redundancy requirements
  • Identification of insurance requirements for adequate disaster protection
  • Identification of key staff responsibilities
  • Identification of “War Room” requirements
  • Creation of Client, Employee, Public, and Vendor Communication Plan
  • Stored on encrypted, on-line backup for immediate retrieval

Evacuation Plan and Execution

  • Assist with determining evacuation plan
  • Provide measurement of each room
  • CAD drawing of floor plan
  • CAD drawing for each evacuation route
  • Stored on encrypted, on-line backup for immediate retrieval

Asset Inventory

  • Photographs of exterior and interior of facility
  • Full-room photos of each area
  • Detailed photos of key contents items
  • Itemized written report of key contents items
  • Include manufacturer, model numbers and serial numbers of appliances, equipment and electronics
  • Printed and presented in portfolio format
  • Stored on encrypted, on-line backup for immediate retrieval

Optional Annual Updates

  • Review and update of Continuity Plan
  • Add new/delete discarded items for updated inventory
  • If expansion or remodel, update Evacuation Plan
  • Online backup and retrieval for immediate needs

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